Saturday, June 23, 2012

review: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in "All-A-Flutter"

I like the idea of these, but I've always been skeptical that they would fit my wide nails, and at $8/box I wasn't willing to give it a try.  But today I saw this Spring pattern on clearance and decided to risk the $2.61 :)

they're very easy to use with the included instructions, and because my nails are quite stubby at the moment I cut each in half so I did all 10 of my nails with only half the box.  It comes with 8 sizes (2 each), of which 5 should match your nail bed size.  The largest wasn't quite wide enough for my thumbnails, but it looks fine.

The hardest parts were separating the layers and applying it straight.  some nails I didn't get it centered until the 4th try, but as long as I didn't push it down until it was right, it was surprisingly repositionable.  And unlike most nail polish, my right hand looked pretty much as good as my left, though I accidently applied two nail sizes reversed.

If you want to cheat and get two nails out of each strip, cut it with scissors after verifying that it will be long enough for each nail.  trim the tab end with the scissors, because the tab does not come off cleanly.  peel the layers and hold the strip on the straight cut side and proceed as directed.

I just did them so I can't verify to how long they'll stay put.  I'll try to remember and report that later :)

I will want to experiment with applying these over polish, on part of the nail only, etc.  maybe I'll be nice and put one of the tiny ones I have left over onto my daughter's nails (most polish only lasts 30 minutes on her :)


 4 days later they were virtually perfect, just a slight wearing off at the tips.  And I was not babying it either - that's after dishes, laundry, cooking, and endless handwashing.  But I was getting restless with the pale butterflies, so cleaned one hand off last night (and even with acetone polish remover, was quite reluctant to come off!)
Most of my nail polish would be horribly chipped by the 3rd day.This makes me think that a more generic pattern/color of polish strips might actually be worth it if it lasts the 10 days the box claims.

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