Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ghosts of Manicures Past!

These are photos of designs that I have done over the past year.  Many are inspired by artists on YouTube and Pinterest, others are originals.  Hope you like-eeeeeeeeeee!
water marble
rainbow crackle
Pink "tufting"

I saw this design online somewhere.
I wish I could remember where but I love it!

Black and gray french


Fleur di lis

Again, I saw a tutorial and had to do this.

Girlie Charm Bracelet


Metallic Feathers

Snowy Pines

 Found on Pinterest, Dandelions

80's Inspired

"The Cheat" from homestarrunner.com

Birch Trees

Dot/heart Dragging

Taping/craft scissor technique 

Pink and Black "flames" on French

CLose up of metallic feathers

Grey and black roses

Jack Skellington

Black, red and white roses

Found this online, snowflakes

Peacock feathers

Vintage roses

Taping technique

I will be posting links to my favorite artists.  I feel bad that I cannot remember which design came from where.  I gain inspiration from many places and want credit to be given were it is due.

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